Save Some Buddy

Trauma has an adverse effect on our lives and the development of those around us, but there is hope. By accessing support networks within our own culture or community to work through traumatic experiences, we can gain skills necessary for healthy interpersonal connections. These supportive relationships lead to increased resilience in individuals as well as their families, communities and beyond; helping trauma survivors develop grit while also reducing inner turmoil and improving long-term health outcomes. Furthermore, empowering such survivors by placing them in positions of leadership enables positive ripples that reach far wider than first imagined - leading not only toward individual healing but societal transformation too!

Save Some Buddy is a resilience-focused program that seeks to transform families and communities by teaching skills to effectively deal with the neuropsychological, neurobiological, and neurophysiological adverse effects of trauma. The company is founded on hope, reverses the impact of childhood trauma, and gives children and adults the ability to "save yourself and help a buddy." Save Some Buddy accepts the love we believe we deserve, as compassion and empathy can lift the very weight of the emotional air we breathe.