Bootlegged Barber

Getting a trim at the barber shop is like getting a breath of fresh air – literally! There’s something special about it; from getting your haircut by an experienced professional with all their tools, to having interesting conversations during your appointment. Yet for some people, cutting their own hair has become a necessity out of convenience, financial reasons or simply out of sheer boredom! But before you pick up those scissors and turn yourself into a do-it-yourself hairdresser, there is simply nothing better than having a skilled pair of hands craft the perfect look that not only boost your confidence but makes sure that people can't help but turn their heads in admiration when they see how good you look.

Bootlegged Barber Co. is a traditional barbershop that honors the centuries-old traditions of our profession while striving to create a community vibe where everyone feels comfortable and walks out looking sharp. Our barbers are selected and trained to put the clients’ desires first, ensuring that you always receive a top-shelf service. We work hard to create a space where clients feel at ease and barbers can thrive. Our core values are Tradition, Community, and Top Shelf – which guide every decision we make in our shop. Whether it’s providing quality haircuts or collaborating on new ideas, Bootlegged Barber Co. is committed to being the best in the barbershop industry.